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Mac Bay offers a specialist translation service from its offices in Amsterdam. Our team of experienced native speakers have relevant professional backgrounds and can be relied on to deliver first-class translations.


All translations are reviewed by an accountant or lawyer to guarantee the highest quality, while respecting our clients’ preferred terminology. Mac Bay translates annual reports, prospectuses, financial forecasts, contracts, press releases, brochures, presentations, articles of association, minutes of meetings, certificates – essentially all the financial and legal texts you are likely to encounter in today’s business world.





Over the past 35 years, Mac Bay has proved to be a dependable and expert partner to financial institutions and multinationals.


Our clients include banks, listed companies, insurance companies, financial, tax and legal consultancies and financial regulators.

  • “Thank you very much for the quality of your work and your willingness to work to such tight deadlines. Is much appreciated!”
    Director Corporate Finance
    Initial Public Offering, global financial institution

  • “Thanks again for the excellent work and for your comments on our source texts. A great translation – well done.”
    Specialist Financial Accounting
    Annual report, very large pension fund

  • “It looks great! Very observant of you to pick up on two points in our original text. Well done!”
    Group Legal Officer
    Service agreement, financial service provider/mortgage provider

  • “Their e-mail address is: and they’re brilliant. Response to follow-up queries is awe-inspiring.”
    Programme Manager
    Internal referral, large insurance company/financial services provider

  • “Thank you for your translations and for getting them back to us so quickly! A fantastic job!”
    Business Manager Communications
    Request For Advice, global financial institution

  • “Thanks again for the highly professional translation.”
    Risk & Compliance Officer
    Policy document, large insurance company/financial services provider

  • “We’ve reviewed your translations thoroughly and would like to compliment you on the quality of your work.”
    Manager of Marketing and Communications department
    Annual report, large housing corporation

  • “It looks great.
    Really pleased with the additional comments on our original text and the separate translation of the tables and diagrams.”

    Financial Risk Manager
    Recovery plan, large insurance company/financial services provider


Mac Bay has 35 years’ experience providing specialist translations from and into Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish.


We work with small, regular teams of translators who translate exclusively into their mother tongue and who have worked in their specialist translation area.


Our network also includes reliable, experienced and professional translators for languages such as Chinese, Arabic and Italian. Contact us to find out how we can help.


All translations are revised in-house by experienced editors with relevant expertise, typically an accountant or lawyer (and sometimes both). That way we can be confident of delivering work of a consistently high standard.


Over many years, Mac Bay has built up an excellent reputation as a financial, legal and sworn translator. We can also translate your commercial communications and promotional texts. We are not just professional in our approach, we also deliver translations that strike the right note and that read well.


Thanks to their education or work experience in accountancy or law, our financial translators have an in-depth understanding of accounting standards and terminology. They also keep their knowledge up to date.



A good legal translator not only needs a thorough grasp of legal jargon but also a familiarity with different legal systems and cultures. Since our translators are native speakers who have a relevant qualification and/or who have worked in the legal profession, they have a strong legal and cultural knowledge base.



Some government agencies and other institutions require sworn (authenticated) translations of official documents, such as birth and marriage certificates, court rulings, extracts from the Chamber of Commerce, cohabitation agreements, exam certificates and divorce certificates.