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Over many years, Mac Bay has built up an excellent reputation as a financial, legal and sworn translator. We can also translate your commercial communications and promotional texts. We are not just professional in our approach, we also deliver translations that strike the right note and that read.

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  • English translation
  • French translation
  • Spanish translation

    Mac Bay is a dependable, accredited legal translator and can provide translations in all areas of the law, such as contracts, articles of association, terms and conditions, case law, judgements, writs, professional codes, codes of conduct and guidelines.


    Mac Bay is known as the specialist for financial translations. Our translators are native speakers who are suitably qualified or whose background is in accountancy or finance. They have an in-depth understanding of IFRS standards and terminology. They also keep their financial knowledge up to date.


    Mac Bay translates the complete range of financial documents including annual reports and financial statements, financial brochures and prospectuses, tax reports, analyses and advice, CSR reports, insurance quotations and policies, pension schemes, press releases, analyst reports and presentations, websites and market reports.



    Sometimes a text would benefit from an extra pair of eyes. Whether it’s dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, or a full edit, you are in safe hands with Mac Bay.


    Some of our translators have another useful talent: they are also skilled copywriters. If a target-language text needs to stand out and speak to a wide audience, our copywriters can convey the message in natural language that does not sound like a translation. The art of good copy is to mirror the intention of the original text.

    Our objective is not only to be professional and accurate, but also to deliver texts that strike the right note, are convincing and read well.


    Some government agencies and other institutions require sworn (authenticated) translations of official documents, such as birth and marriage certificates, court rulings, extracts from the Chamber of Commerce, cohabitation agreements, exam certificates and divorce certificates

    Mac Bay can provide sworn translations of your official business and personal documents that comply fully with current rules. If required, we can also provide an apostille (legalisation certificate) or authentication for sworn translations.


    When speed is of the essence, Mac Bay is there to help.


    We sometimes receive jobs, corrections or changes that need to be translated very quickly. We work creatively with you to find the right solution at all times.


    It is always best to reserve time for an assignment in advance but we know that in an emergency this is not always possible, which is why we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.